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Dimensions: 14mm bead, 3 mm stringing hole

Strand length: 24 inches

Product Description

These great beads are made by the Krobo people of Ghana, Africa. Powder glass beads are made by crushing glass to a fine powder and heating it so that the particles fuse together. The glass is then poured in to clay molds, with a cassava leaf stem use to make yhe hole. They are baked in a oven and the glass fuses and the cassava stem burns up. This technique has been used in Africa for centuries. Exact mix of beads may vary slightly from photo.


  • Bead size: 14 mm diameter
  • Hole size: 3mm
  • strand length: 24¨
  • Number of beads: 40-45(approximation)
  • Found in: Ghana
  • Material: glass
  • Color: clear
  • shape: Round

Clear Aqua Recycled Glass Beads

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